Supreme court denies our case. On to the next battle!

The Supreme Court has just denied the last stage in our battle for fair access to public funding for third parties and independents. As a result, our 2016 campaign is now required to repay over $175,000 in ballot access costs eight years after the fact!
Because the 2016 campaign has limited resources years after the election, this heinous burden will fall largely on yours truly.
Please contribute what you can today to help retire this outrageous obligation. Your support helps us deal with this shameful enforcement action for duopoly. 
At a time we need alternatives to the corrupt political establishment more than ever, when public demand has reached unprecedented heights—the court has declined to hear our case that would strengthen support for political alternatives.
We have gone as far as this legal battle will take us. Thanks to the inspired pro-bono support of Attorney Oliver Hall and the Center for Competitive Democracy, we challenged an unfair, disabling FEC rule, “section 9032(6),” that cuts off public funding before the crucial final weeks of signature collection—only for third party and independent candidates—if the major parties hold early conventions. The rule violates a Constitutional requirement that restricting public funds must serve a “governmental interest.” But no such interest has ever been proposed for tying public funds for minor party candidates to arbitrary convention dates of major parties.
As a result of this undemocratic ruling, our 2016 campaign committee must turn over $175,000 imminently.

There are real risks in running for higher office—to one’s health, safety, and financial security. In our 2016 campaign we experienced all of these, including the FBI showing up at my home to warn me a pipe bomb might be on the way. Hundreds of thousands of dollars were drained from our campaign to pay legal defense in a politically motivated Senate Intelligence Committee investigation of ludicrous, trumped up charges of Russian collusion. 

These risks of challenging the ruling elites, however, pale in comparison to the risks of NOT challenging the elites evident in today’s headline crises, from genocide, to crushing inequality, climate collapse and rising fascism. 

Solidarity in this struggle makes all the difference. Every contribution, no matter what size, is a huge help. So I ask for your support to close out this legal battle and move on with our current electoral challenge, where support for our third party battle is growing by leaps and bounds.

At a time when the duopoly has brought our world to a state of shock and awe—with genocide on full display; with fires, floods and drought of biblical proportions; crushing extremes of inequality; endless war at the nuclear brink; and a crisis of our democracy—at a time when nearly two-thirds of voters are clamoring for another political option, our struggle for the politics of integrity is more urgent than ever. And there’s not a moment to lose.

Thank you for whatever support you can giveand for all you do to build an America and a world that works for all of us.

Jill Stein
Green Party Presidential nominee 2012, 2016

Thank you for your support!

~We need to raise $40,000 urgently for the cost of this next phase of our court battle

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Thank you for your support!



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