Jill Stein talks FEC fight with Ron Placone

Jill Stein joined Ron Placone for a wide-ranging live interview where she discussed her ongoing battle with the FEC for the future of independent politics. Click the video to watch Jill talk about her FEC fight

Jill Stein Status Coup Interview: Assange, climate collapse & more

Green New Deal with Global Greens

Anticipating the COP26 climate gatherings in November 2021, Global Greens hosted leaders on the Biden Climate Summit, and the need for the world’s countries to do more to keep global warming below 1.5-degrees.

Dr. Jill Stein on Biden, the Squad, MPP, and the Climate Emergency

The imperative for independent politics with Briahna Joy Gray and Richard Wolff

Redacted: Jill Stein On Julian Assange & More

The movement to free Julian Assange and protect press freedom – with Lee Camp and Consortium News.

Newsweek: Who is Jill Stein? Nina Turner Attacked for Historic Support of Green Party Candidate

The shaming strategy is used to suppress growing political discontent both inside and outside of the Democratic Party

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