Help us complete this battle for independent politics!

Thanks to the support of visionaries like you, our legal challenge to the FEC is now scheduled to be heard on Jan. 18, 2023 in the DC Court of Appeals. The case is not simply a defense of yours truly from a decision with crushing personal consequences. We are fighting for the principles of open democracy at the heart of the public matching funds program. These core democratic principles are actually written into prior court decisions, giving us a real chance at prevailing.

We urgently need your support to continue the fight as we enter the final stages of the court battle.

The policies of both establishment parties continue to bring crushing inequality, climate catastrophe, resurgent nuclear danger and an assault on democracy. At a time when nearly two-thirds of voters are clamoring for another political option, this struggle for fair matching funds for alternative candidates is more urgent than ever. And there’s not a moment to lose. 

Thank you so much for all you do for people, planet, peace and democracy!

Contribution Rules:

  • You can donate up to at total of $2,700, including donations made to the Jill Stein for President 2016 primary election.
  • We cannot accept contributions from corporations, labor unions, and national banks.
  • We do not accept contributions from for-profit businesses (including proprietorships and partnerships) or from corporate-sponsored PACs.
  • We will accept contributions from the PACs of democratic people’s organizations, cooperatives, party committees, and peace, environmental, and community organizations if paid by check.
  • By law, contributions are not tax-deductible for federal, state, or municipal income tax purposes.
  • We do not accept contributions from registered federal or state lobbyists on behalf of for-profit corporations.
  • We do not accept contributions from executive officers of for-profit corporations that employ registered lobbyists.

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  • You are not a government contractor.
  • You are at least eighteen years old.
  • You are a U.S. citizen or lawfully admitted permanent resident (i.e., green card holder).
  • You confirm that the above statements are true and accurate.

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  1. Make check out to Jill Stein for President (2016).
  2. Make memo on check: Jill Stein for Pres. (2016), “debt.” *
  3. Send to:
    Jill Stein for President (2016)
    PO Box 5041
    Fall River MA 02723
  4. Please include the following information for FEC reporting purposes:
       •First Name, Last Name
       •Country, Street Address (home), City, State, Zip.
       •Employer (or self-employed, retired, unemployed)
       • Occupation (last occupation if retired or unemployed)

See Contribution Rules above.
*Note: FEC refers to all current and outstanding costs to resolve 2016 issues as “debt.”